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Our team is effective at teamwork and has problem-solving skills, decision making, communication and interpersonal skills. And “Success is due to the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” We are gland to represent you in court in all aspects

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why us

Armon Legacy Advocates & Associates values the importance of client relationships. As such, we strive to respond rapidly when called upon and we give appropriate advice and innovative legal solutions tailored to meet the Client’s unique needs and objectives.

We offer diverse legal and commercial services drawing from our breadth of expertise and depth of our combined experiences. Each matter we handle will remain yet another proof of our outstanding skills and expertise. .

We have a multisectoral network of consultants and specialists across different sectors such as banking, insurance who are well versed in their industries and help us draw diverse perspectives when looking for the best solutions for needs of our clients. This ensures that the conclusive solution earns our clients a competitive lead in their respective areas of operation.

Besides the wide range of services we offer, which ensures accessibility to almost any person in need of legal and commercial services, the incorporation of technology into our services enables us to have access to our clients matters and we are able to provide swift updates and response even when outside the office.


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Our Vision

is to
become a
client minded
law firm that
provides timely sound
legal solutions.

Our Mission

is to remain
accessible to our
clients and to offer
tailor made services to them.

Our Vaules

are meant to help us attain professional excellence as such we do your best to always act in fairness, integrity, ethics and diligence. We are driven by our passion to resolve our client’s challenges and to ensure they remain on top of their fields. We value expertise and efficiency.

Practicing Areas

Conveyance/ & Real Estate

Sub-division, partition, change of user, extension of user and amalgamation over property; and.

Undertaking Subdivision and Change of User Process.

Advising clients on changes in land laws and procedures.

The notable growth of the real estate industry in Kenya has necessitated the firm to strategically position itself to offer a wide variety of legal services in this sector including;.

Due diligence, negotiation, drafting and registration of transfers, leases, mortgages. Charges and other financial instruments.

Structuring and management of development projects;.

Interpretation and drafting of construction service level agreements.

Applying for and obtaining various consents and approvals required under the law.

Preparation of licenses, cautions, prohibitions, easements and powers of attorney.

Civil and Criminal Litigation

Given that litigation is time consuming, our law firm strives to adopt strategic approach when dealing with all litigation matters. We always pick strong legal points from our client’s facts and back the same up with case law and statute while fighting for the rights of our clients across different courts, tribunals and societies. We have a software backed bring up system which enables the firm to keep up with important dates in a litigation process and in turn helps keep our clients updated. We handle different litigation categories including;.

Civil suits - recovery suits.

Tribunal matters.

Contractual disputes;.

Corporate and commercial disputes;.

Criminal suits.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our law firm excels in this area and has on several occasions successfully helped clients settle disputes out of court; a practice that has saved them from the tedious court procedures and costs. We are involved in different resolution mechanisms including .


Negotiation; and


Comprehensive Legal Compliance Consulting

We work to ensure that our clients’ companies and organizations are fully compliant with the laws governing them and their trade. To achieve this we provide them with expert Comprehensive Legal Compliance Consulting services. .

Further to this, we conduct periodic Legal Audit and advise our clients on corporate governance to ensure smooth running and administration of their companies and businesses to maximize on profit generation at lower legal and administrative risks.

Negotiation; and


Mergers and Acquisitions

Our webbed network of dedicated certified accountants and company secretaries enables us to deliver timely and expected results in this area. Our expertise in employment laws, environment regulations, intellectual property and taxation enables us to help the entities involved attain a leveled ground with each entity meeting their proposed expectations. We handle the matter diligently especially when ascertaining the assets and liabilities of the target entity by making visits, interviewing personnel and preparing comprehensive reports for our clients. We then proceed to evaluate the risks involved from a legal and financial perspective and advice our clients accordingly in their intended transactions. We assist clients in attaining the necessary approvals from different boards and government authorities and proceed to prepare the merger and acquisition documentation while preparing end to end support in negotiation and finalization of the documents required to seal the deal.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. And if she hasn’t been rewritten, then they are still using her.

Family Law/Probate, Trust and Estate Planning

Armon Legacy & Company Advocates specializes in all aspects of family law We are cognizant of the fact that this is one among the most emotional fields of legal practice and as such we endeavor to protect not only our clients’ interests but to maintain the good relationship that prevailed before a dispute arouse. Our areas of specialization in this field include;

a. Family Law

• Divorce and matrimonial property

• Probate and administration

• Adoption; both local and international

• Alternative Dispute Resolution in family disputes

b. Child Protection

• Children Protection

• Custody and Maintenance

• Adoption

• Custody and relocation of children from separated families

c. Probate, Trust & Estate Planning

• We are dedicated to ensuring that the assets of our clients are well preserved and divided as per their wishes to their chosen beneficiaries.

• We also assist clients in writing their wills as a way of preventing future disputes in the ownership of their properties among their family members upon their deaths

Insolvency Law

The firm is alive to the multiple insolvencies that have ensued over the past few years, this has helped shift our approach from liquidation of assets to assisting businesses in financial trouble.

We can also represent Clients in Creditors’ meetings with the objective of securing as much as possible from the insolvent/bankrupt person.

Debt Collection Services

Armon Legacy & Company Advocates offers efficient and tailor-made debt collection services at competitive rates. The firm has been involved in high volume debt collection assignments and has successfully delivered following the genuine understanding of our clients' needs, values and priorities.

Employment & Industrial Relations

The Firm offers all-inclusive, effective and progressive advice in relation to employment and industrial relations matters in the country. This is inclusive of; preparation of Work Regulations, drafting rules and regulations, due diligence exercises and corporate transactions; code of ethics, disciplinary and grievance matters, leaves, benefits and various other policies

The Firm is also involved in drafting employment contracts, business transfer agreements,, retainer agreement, termination letters, probation clauses, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements among others. We also advice on matters related to:

• Workplace accident and fatal accident compensation law;

• Factories law; and

• Environmental Law

Intellectual Property & Information Technology

The Firm offers a full range of legal services for the acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and registration of Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright

Taxation & Audit consistent with Client Objectives

We offer advice consistent with Client’s objectives on how to minimize risks. We represent Clients in Courts, tribunals and government agencies in matters involving State and County Taxes as well as issues involving cross border taxation, double taxation and custom duties

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